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Custom Cakes for Every Occasion

We specialize in handcrafted custom cakes for any occasion. Our team works directly with clients to bring their vision to life. We make everything from simple naked cakes to extravagant pieces of culinary art. Our flavours include our signature Lindt chocolate, zesty lemon, dreamy mascarpone filling, crisp fresh fruit and much more. We are also open to special requests. Remember, nothing is too extravagant – if you can dream it, we can make it!



A couple’s wedding is never complete without the perfect cake that reflects the energy, atmosphere and style of the wedding. We work closely with the couple to create an exquisite cake that reflects their vision with our artisanal expertise, making the perfect focal point of your big day.


Every engagement party needs a cake. Our cakes and decadents will mirror the spirit of your engagement from timeless classics to modern chic themes.

Baby Shower

Baby showers are amazingly sweet and thoughtful events to welcome precious babies into the world. Our cakes and decadents will add the perfect centre piece to your baby shower and gender reveal parties.


We take birthdays seriously! We believe that you can’t celebrate a Birthday without a cake! It is always exciting to work together with our clients to handcraft the perfect birthday cake for them or their loved ones. We love creating a birthday cake that speaks to the person’s personality or party theme.

Valentine's Day

Nothing says I love you more than a Lindt chocolate ganache cake or delicate decadents for the special people in your life. Share the love! XOXO.


Our holiday cakes showcase an exquisite balance of spicy, sweet and nutty flavours. Perfect for gatherings, parties, gifts, and morning coffees. Bring on the feasting and festivities! Our signature Christmas cake is available in 6” and 8” round or rectangular and is offered with or without alcohol.